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Safety is Our First Priority

It’s odd to think about how much all our lives have changed since the March newsletter was written just three months ago.  To say it’s an unsettling time for everyone in our community and across the globe is an understatement.  

We firmly believe that during this time, we all need to hold tight to even the smallest joys, and that’s evident every day during the outpouring of support we’ve received from our community.  It’s an uncertain time for all our community members and local businesses, and we can’t overstate how much we appreciate and value our our CB family.

Thanks for your continued loyalty, patience, and positivity as we’ve had to make some tough changes, like every other business in town.  We feel incredibly fortunate that we’ve been able to keep our serving windows open, our incredible staff hard at work, and our kind family of customers coming back for food that makes them smile. 


Here are some steps we've taken to help keep our staff, our customers, and our community safe and healthy during this time:

  • Christy Creme's dining room has been closed to customers since before the Iowa governor's proclamation mandated that restaurants do so.  

  • Our staff has increased its already-strict protocols for health and safety by frequently disinfecting all food surfaces and wearing rubber gloves while working on any transaction or food preparation.

  • We've reopened our patio at 50% capacity, and have set up a cleaning station outside with hand sanitizer and disinfectant.

  • All staff members have always been advised to remain home if exposed to anyone with symptoms or if they exhibit any signs of illness. 

  • Christy Creme will remain open during normal business hours only as long as it is safe for our staff and community to do so. 


While it may seem inhospitable not inviting people inside, we know it's the safest path for everyone.  We take this very seriously, and we deeply care about the people on our staff and in our CB community.  

We look forward to seeing everyone back on our patio and in our dining room once gathering is safe again and life returns to normal.  In the meantime, you all stay healthy, and we'll supply the sherbet.

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