It's a Girl!

Our Christy Creme family got a little bit bigger over the winter, as one of our favorite staff members gave birth to a healthy baby girl in January. Congratulations to our Nina and Avery's father Dillon, who welcomed the charming Avery Josephine into their family on January 14th (right in the middle of the ice storm you may remember). Sweet "little" Avery weighed 10 pounds, 3 ounces (!), 21" long. Both mother and baby are healthy and doing well. It won't be long before my father is trying to sneak ice cream into Avery's tiny mouth (despite my emphatic insistence that babies should NOT have dairy products until they are a year old, DAD!). Watch out, Nina! Anyway, while our girls are resting up and enjoying their time together, we hope catch a glimpse of them on the other side of the counter until Nina is ready to return to work.

#baby #nina #avery

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