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Fountain of Youth

One of my clearest memories of coming down to Christy Creme as a small child was of the old drinking fountain. On a hot summer day, walking across the cement Christy Creme driveway in bare feet (only grownups wear shoes, you guys) could be deadly. Hurrying your feet to the shade of the building could leave you with blisters if you weren’t careful. Before my brothers and I would burst through the screen door in the back of that old building, we would always stop for a drink at the water fountain, which I remember in particular because it was one of the high-end models through which any water not consumed flowed down the drain, then came pouring out the pipe and emptying near your feet. It was kind of delightful to have chilly water drench your feet while getting a cool summer drink.

Seeing this picture, decades later, makes me wonder how this went for adults, who were presumably wearing shoes. It’s funny to see how far we’ve come. Now we have a cool, energy efficient, water-bottle-friendly fountain inside the building, and we’ll even give you a water glass to make it portable. All we ask is that you take your water outside before you dump it on your feet!

Do you have a favorite memory of Christy Creme? We’d love to hear it! Share it using the link on our website, and we may publish your story our newsletter!

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