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Congratulations Graduates!

We couldn’t be more proud of these three staff members for their high school graduations this month. Maddy, Makenzi, and Delanie are all bright and talented teens who have brought so much enthusiasm and fun to our Christy Creme “family” for the past few years. As parents ourselves, we know how busy high school kids are today, so it takes a special person to be able to balance the demands of academics and athletics while holding down a steady job. These girls have come to work after long days at school, knowing they may have homework still to do, and early mornings waiting for them, and they’ve done it with smiles and positive attitudes. Together, these girls represent three of our city high schools; Maddy from St. Albert, Makenzi from Lewis Central, and Delanie from Abraham Lincoln. We know they’ll go on to do great things!

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