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Dads, Plaids, and Soft Serve

My friend Erin and I captured this photo of our dads just before the Frankie Valli concert at the River’s Edge park the other night. We’ve often talked about the similarities in our dads and our upbringing, but seeing the two men together, wearing pretty much exactly the same outfits, was certainly a high point in a fun evening. We all learn so many things from our fathers. My father has been imparting an important life lesson to babies and children in Council Bluffs for over 40 years: that ice cream is delicious. I’ll never forget chiding my dad after catching him spoon soft serve to my 6-month-old when he thought I wasn’t looking (in direct contradiction to the advice of ANY pediatrician!). So, for Dave and Chuck Smith, and all the other dads out there, we have a special sundae in your honor: Papa’s Got a Brand New Sundae. Available throughout June, it’s twist ice cream, hot fudge, raspberry topping, bananas, and pecans, for only $3.95. Our dads are certainly worth it.

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