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Catching Cold

Trading Cold Desserts for Colder Landscapes

Our customers often wonder how Matthew spends his winter break. Some assume that he travels to warmer parts with his time off, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Growing up in Boulder, Colorado, Matthew developed a love of winter outdoor activities. He enjoys snowboarding and tries to make it back to the slopes in his home state at least once a season. He also joins his brother in Montana backcountry snowboarding and ice climbing each winter.

Council Bluffs may not have mountains, but that certainly doesn’t keep Matthew inside. Any day there’s snow on the ground around here, he breaks out his cross country skis and takes the dog out on one of our beautiful nature trails.

Some people have trouble appreciating the subtle views of the midwest, but Matthew takes each opportunity to hike our rolling Loess Hills or kayak a local farm pond at sunrise. While the thrill of a craggy peak is tough to deny, sometimes a little bit of “outside perspective” is all it takes to find beauty everywhere and to love where you live.

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