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Gavin and Blake Head to College

My dad always used to point out that, “ice cream is a happy food.” This simple statement is one we think of often when training our staff members, reminding them of the importance of a positive disposition. We’ve always been able to find people who not only share our love of all things ice cream, but also people who can stand on their feet for a long busy shift and always keep a smile on their faces. It’s no

surprise that we wind up with employees we really like.

Spring can be particularly challenging for our high school seniors, many of whom are involved in

multiple activities outside of school and work, plus they are holding down a job while getting ready to graduate. Gavin and Blake are both examples of this.

Both are accomplished, talented, enthusiastic, and always fun to be around. We’ve known the two of them for years, and this month, they’re both graduating from Underwood High School. Though we’re trying not to think about it, they’ll both head to college this fall; Gavin to Buena Vista, and Blake to the University of Iowa. We couldn’t be

more proud of their many achievements! Congratulations, guys!

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